The Why of Dot COM’s

The .COM domain extension remains paramount in the world of web addresses, and its significance has not waned. We asked Microsoft Copilot and the response-Here’s why:

  1. Foundation of Branding: When establishing a new brand or monetizing an idea, registering a .com domain with your preferred name is crucial. It serves as the bedrock for your online presence1.
  2. Recognizability: The .com extension has been around since 1985 and was one of the earliest top-level domains (TLDs). While other TLDs like .net, .org, and .edu had specific uses, .com was intended for commercial sites. As a result, people naturally associate it with businesses and websites1.
  3. SEO Benefits: Websites with .com domains tend to rank better in search engines, even for generic keywords. The familiarity and prevalence of .com contribute to their authority and credibility1.
  4. Reliability: Unlike some other extensions (remember the .ly panic?), .com domains are stable and reliable. You won’t need to worry about changing it or facing usage rights issues1.
  5. Higher Resale Value: For domain investors, generic .com domains hold significant value and enhance brand appeal. Businesses using .com extensions appear more professional than those with other TLDs1.
    In summary, while there are various domain extensions available, .com remains the gold standard for branding, SEO, and reliability. So, if you’re starting a new venture, secure that .com domain—it’s a timeless choice!

Additionally, we add: COM-Trusted most, Memorable, Proven Long-standing History of cost to renew and registry reliability of pricing and services.